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Taiwan sends officials to investigate slaying

By PU ZHENDONG (China Daily)

08:04, May 17, 2013

Special envoy rebuffed, returns to Philippines

Taiwan dispatched a large investigative delegation to the Philippines, among other punitive measures, after Manila's fence-mending efforts failed to quell escalating tension over the Philippines' killing of a fisherman from Taiwan.

A delegation of 17 prosecutors and officials from Taipei's various agencies arrived at Manila on Thursday to conduct an investigation into the killing.

Reports said the group was on a mission to clarify facts and push the Philippines on its promise to punish the responsible.

Meanwhile, Taipei launched a military drill on Thursday in waters near the northern Philippines. The exercise involved navy vessels, coast guard patrol boats and two jet fighters.

Dissatisfied with Manila's description of the killing as "unintended" and its failure to address other demands, Jiang Yi-huah, chief of Taiwan's executive body, said on Wednesday night that Taipei is assessing the matter and considering even stronger sanctions.

Observers said that the significance of the military exercise is not only to deter Manila, but also to show the world the disputed status of the waters concerned given that the Philippines, has been trying to unilaterally draw the boundaries.

Manila denied on Thursday that a joint investigation of the incident had been approved, adding that a mutual legal assistance arrangement will be observed.

Philippine Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda also asked Taipei to reconsider the countermeasures, saying the sanctions will harm both sides.

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