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Another kindergarten teacher detained for child abuse

By Shen Li (Shanghai Daily)

09:25, October 31, 2012

A kindergarten teacher in Shandong Province was held in administrative detention for abusing children in her class.

Parents watched in horror video footages that showed their child was physically abused by the woman teacher who defended her actions as "kiddy fight."

After the teacher was caught, children started telling their stories with encouragement from their parents. A boy said his teacher identified as Li Ling pricked him with a needle in his face, the mole on his arm, in his back and buttocks.

The boy refused to go to school but said nothing bad about his teacher before her arrest. He suffered the trauma and would not let his father to turn off the light when he was in the bed because "once the light is out, the teacher will come with a needle."

Another girl said her mouth was sealed with adhesive tape by the teacher. As soon as she tore it off, the teacher would seal her up again until the tape was used up.

Parents said they thought this teacher was very polite and had a nice personality before her sadist behavior became known.

Haipei Goldren Cradle Kindergarten is a well-known preschool in Dongying City, Shandong Province. Local police have started an investigating into the case.

The local government also held a meeting made up of justice, public security, education, and health authorities to address the issue and said people responsible for the teacher's misconduct will be punished as well.

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