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Chinese embassy in DPRK working on detention of fishermen


08:20, May 20, 2013

PYONGYANG - The Chinese Embassy in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is working on the detention by the DPRK of Chinese fishermen with a vessel, asking Pyongyang to ensure the safety and legitimate rights and interests of the fishermen, a Chinese counsellor to the DPRK told Xinhua here on Sunday.

Counsellor Jiang Yaxian told Xinhua that a private fishing boat from Dalian City in northeast China's Liaoning Province, known as Liaoning Generic Fishing No 25222, was grabbed by the DPRK side, and Yu Xuejun, the shipowner, called the the Chinese embassy for help on May 10.

"Upon receiving the call, the Chinese embassy promptly made representations to the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, asking the DPRK side to release the boat and the fishermen as soon as possible," said Jiang.

The embassy urged the DPRK side to fully ensure the Chinese crew's personal and property safety as well as their legitimate rights and interests, and has notified the shipowner of the results of representations and has given him the contact phone numbers concerned, he said.

"We will continue efforts to ensure that the issue will be properly addressed at an early date," Jiang added.

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