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Dulux specialty store sells fake paint again

(People's Daily Online)

15:26, May 18, 2013

Despite a number of statements issued, Dulux failed to prevent its specialty stores to sale fake paint.

After sales of fake paint in a store in Wuhan was exposed, Dulux's parent company AkzoNobel China issued a number of statements to evade its social responsibility. However, another case of fake paint selling in a Dulux store seems to have given the Fortune 500 company a resounding slap in the face.

The reporter carried out investigation in a Dulux store in Dafa market, Daoli district, Harbin, upon receiving a report claiming the store uses genuine Dulux barrels to hold fake paint.

A resounding slap in the face

Accompanied by a painter, the reporter entered the Dulux store.

To the reporter's surprise, without beating around the bush, the owner agreed to sell 10 barrels of fake faint to the paint at the price of 180 yuan per bucket, while the genuine paint sells 479 yuan per barrel at market.

The painter soon came back with 10 genuine Dulux paint barrels and the owner began to pour fake paint into the barrels with the presence of many people.

After receiving 1,800 yuan, the owner handed the test report, receipt and invoice with the stamp of the store to the painter.

The reporter called the Dulux hotline to check the address of the store. The operator confirmed that the store is an authorized store of Dulux.

As the reporter sent an email to AkzoNobel China reporting the sales of fake paint, the company responded by saying "your email has been forwarded to relevant department".

Edited and Translated by Zhang Hongyu, People's Daily Online
Read the Chinese version:一记响亮的耳光:多乐士专卖店再曝售假
Source: People's Daily Online
Author: Sun Hongli

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