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Dulux specialty store sells fake paint again (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:27, May 18, 2013

Public's laughing stock

Since its sales of fake paint in a store in Wuhan was revealed, Dulux has issued six statements (including one email to PD Online). It has become the laughing stocks of the public since the similar case was exposed in Harbin.

On April 8, the first statement by AkzoNobel China said the company values quality and is confident to providing consumers with safe and qualified paint.

After reviewing the six statements in the past 20 days, the reporter found AkzoNobel China took no concrete measure to fix the problem. It neither closed the stores involved nor called back the fake paint, not to mention apology to the consumers. Issuing statements is the only thing they did.

The fact that the fake paint was sold in authorized stores make people speculate about the interest chain with the sales agents.

How will AkzoNobel China evade its responsibility still remains unknown. Maybe by issuing the seventh statement?

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