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Jin Yi'nan: Summary of China's military hot spots of 2012 (4)

(China Military Online)

08:29, January 07, 2013

Hot spot D: Normalized PLA Navy open-sea training indicating Chinese military's inevitable trend toward modernization

The taskforce of the East China Sea Fleet under the PLA Navy entered the west Pacific Ocean for open-sea training from the end of November to mid-December of 2012. The PLA Navy gradually realized normalized open-sea training in recent years. What is the significance of such normalization for building a blue-water navy?

Jin Yi'nan held that China is now the second largest country in economy in the world today. It is very abnormal if China's naval ships always stay at its homeports without any decent action, and it will allow some people to perceive that the navy of the country with the second largest economy in the world is unable to effectively safeguard its national interests and doubt China's ability to safeguard its own rights and interests. In addition, it is fully legitimate and undisputed for the PLA naval ships to cruise in the waters of China's jurisdiction. China never infringe on the marine rights and interests of other countries.

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