Dragon, lion dance competition for college students in S China's Guangdong goes viral

(People's Daily Online) 10:30, December 07, 2023

Through the ingenious integration of China's traditional folk culture, music, and modern competitive sports, college students recently offered a visual feast of traditional Chinese culture at a dragon and lion dance competition in south China's Guangdong Province.

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A total of 1,741 team leaders, coaches, and athletes from 46 colleges and universities participated in the competition, which was held in Zhuhai College of Science and Technology in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

The competition comprised three categories and five major events, namely, southern China-style traditional lion dance, southern China-style group lion dance, southern China-style group drum accompaniment to lion dance, optional dragon dance, and optional northern China-style lion dance.

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The southern China-style lion dance focused on expressing the majestic and mighty disposition of lions, while the northern China-style lion dance prioritized realistic resemblance - closely imitating the physical features and temperament of lions to fully demonstrate aggression, vigor, playfulness and liveliness.

The dragon dances showcased the varied activities of dragons, such as frolicking in water, leaping and tumbling, depicting the dragon's lively spirit, and dignity through skilled maneuvers.

As excellent folk art of China, dragon and lion dances are highly artistic and entertaining. The competition attracted wide attention online and offline, wowing the field audience so much that they said they felt as if they were celebrating the Spring Festival in advance.

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Internet users also enthusiastically shared their opinions about the spectacle of hundreds of "dragons and lions" gathered in the same school for a competition.

Dragon and lion dances enjoy great popularity in colleges and universities across the country. Zhuhai College of Science and Technology, for instance, set up its dragon and lion dance team in 2018, and designated dragon and lion dances as its traditional featured sporting event.

The college has also launched courses on dragon and lion dances, training nearly 1,000 students in relevant skills.

(Photo/China Youth Daily)

(Photo/China Youth Daily)

(Photo/China Youth Daily)

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