Shenzhen: Harmonious blend of modernity, tradition and nature

(People's Daily Online) 10:00, December 04, 2023

As a sprawling city with a compact urban core, high economic density, and intense development, Shenzhen attaches importance to its urban greening and ecological protection. Clearly, the city gives equal importance to ecological conservation and economic development, continually seeking innovative ways to develop sustainably.

The Yunhai Park and Dameisha Beach Park form a collection of ecological areas in Shenzhen’s Yantian district, distinguished by their rich mountains and sea features. After the completion of the comprehensive ecological restoration project at Dameisha Beach Park, a vibrant cityscape of plant life has taken shape. Yunhai Park is located in the core area of the Yantian Banshan Park which extends over 69.5 kilometers. The entire forest area is known for its high oxygen content. And it is rich in negative ions. Thus, on both weekends and weekdays, numerous backpackers, cyclists, and tourists visit this internet-famous tourism spot.

As we explore various parts of the city, I'm eager to see how Shenzhen applies the principle that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets." Join me in this video to experience the unique harmony of Shenzhen's ecological landscape!

(Web editor: Hongyu, Wu Chengliang)


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