Shenzhen: A growing hub of fashion and style

(People's Daily Online) 17:23, November 30, 2023

Shenzhen, the youngest first-tier city in China, is often associated with technology, innovation, and speed. However, a vibrant fashion culture is steadily emerging and intertwining with the city's developmental attributes and cultural character, forging a unique style. Join us to explore the distinctive charm of this city.

"Shenzhen Brands" and "Shenzhen Design" are evolving alongside the city's development. The watch industry is a vital component of Shenzhen's modern fashion sector. The city is home to 1,500 watch companies, generating an annual output value of 68 billion yuan. Shenzhen's watch production constitutes 53 percent of China's total and 42 percent of the global output. Time Valley, the epicenter of the watch industry in Shenzhen and China, hosts six of China's top 10 watch companies.

Besides watches and clocks, gold jewelry is another hallmark of Shenzhen's fashion industry. The Shuibei Jewelry Industry Cluster, the country's largest and most advanced gold jewelry hub with the most comprehensive industrial chain, boasts an annual operating income exceeding 100 billion yuan. This represents about 50 percent of the domestic market share in gold jewelry wholesale.

The streets of Shenzhen are a showcase of fashion. Whether you are well-dressed or in simple attire, in this inclusive and colorful city, "being yourself" is the ultimate fashion statement.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Wu Chengliang)


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