CIIE strengthens cooperation between China, countries worldwide: Thai deputy PM

(Xinhua) 13:50, November 03, 2023

BANGKOK, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- The China International Import Expo (CIIE) reflects the strengthened cooperation among China, Thailand, and other participating countries, said Phumtham Wechayachai, deputy prime minister of Thailand.

"CIIE serves the goal of importing various products and expanding relationships," said Phumtham, who is also the minister of commerce, in an interview with local and Chinese media ahead of the sixth CIIE scheduled for Nov. 5 to 10.

China's decision to open its market has benefited other countries. "CIIE prompts us to identify export opportunities that align with China's demands, ultimately benefiting Thailand," he said.

"It is an opportunity to explore China, one of the largest markets in the world, and showcase Thailand's potential and capabilities," Phumtham noted as he would be leading a Thai delegation to the Expo.

Thailand's Ministry of Commerce has announced plans to organize 20 innovative food and beverage companies to showcase a variety of products, including snacks, processed fruits, seafood, and condiments in the sixth CIIE.

This event builds on the Thai-Chinese friendship more concretely, said Phumtham, hoping to foster cooperation between small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across both countries.

He noted that SMEs play a vital role, not only in bolstering national economies but also in strengthening societal foundations and enhancing the well-being of the majority of the people.

"I can serve as the first initial bridge to facilitating communication between SMEs in innovative technology on both sides," the deputy PM said.

China has been Thailand's largest trading partner for many years. In the first nine months of this year, the total value of Thailand's exports to China was 38.52 billion U.S. dollars, according to statistics from China's General Administration of Customs (GACC).

Phumtham said he will have meetings with provincial-level administrators from Guangxi and Zhejiang, aiming to open new provincial markets, which will further facilitate trade between the two countries.

"Thailand and China have evolved into strategic economic partners for each other, fostering collaboration in business and trade, mutually dependent on each other, and reaping benefits from this partnership," he said.

For this year's CIIE, the scale of the business exhibition and the number of participating Fortune 500 companies and leading companies in various sectors will hit record highs.

CIIE also provides an opportunity for smaller and less influential countries to grow together, said Phumtham, noting that China treats other countries equally, whether they are smaller or less prominent. "Instead, China emphasizes the importance of fostering cooperation," he said.

He said China's decision to open its market and implement the Belt and Road Initiative reflects a coordinated effort to connect the world to the global economy.

"I firmly believe that in today's globalized world, cooperating in trade to benefit the people is a crucial strategy that should be pursued and will genuinely contribute to creating world peace," he said.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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