Rope, net industry achieves high-quality development in Huimin, E China's Shandong

(People's Daily Online) 14:46, April 24, 2023

Ropes and nets produced in Huimin county, Binzhou city, east China's Shandong Province are widely used in various industries. (People's Daily Online/Song Cui)

Huimin county in Binzhou city, east China's Shandong Province is the largest rope and net producing region in the country, accounting for over 80 percent of the country's total production of ropes and nets, and more than 90 percent of the province's.

Jinguan Netting is a company in Huimin which produces agricultural nets and nets for construction, leisure tourism, sports, gardening, and breeding.

The company sells its products to more than 68 countries and regions in the world, including the U.S., Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

The company has independently developed more than 20 kinds of products, applied for 35 invention patents and patents for utility models, and participated in the formulation of three industry standards.

"We produce new types of agricultural netting, including nets which provide an effective shield for fruit trees and crops during hailstorms," said Li Shufeng, director of the general office of Jinguan Netting.

Photo shows a rope and net product produced by a company in Huimin county, Binzhou city, east China's Shandong Province. (People's Daily Online/Song Cui)

There are 2,663 rope and net companies in Huimin county, including 64 above the designated size. They have developed over 300 types of rope and net products widely used in the building and sports industries, as well as by the military.

In April 2019, the Shandong Provincial Rope and Net Technical Committee for Standardization, the only one of this kind in the country, was established in Huimin. Over the past four years, the committee has drafted 16 standards, and released and implemented one national standard, eight group standards, six industry standards and one local standard.

In 2022, the output value of the rope and net industry in Huimin reached 24 billion yuan ($349 million).

(Web editor: Hongyu, Du Mingming)


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