Young Brazilian spreads Hanfu culture through short videos

(People's Daily Online) 16:54, January 10, 2023

A young Brazilian living in China who has developed a strong interest in Hanfu - traditional Han Chinese clothing - is spreading Hanfu culture to more people around the world through his short video clips.

A dresser puts make-up on Rian, a young Brazilian. (Photo/Li Yifan)

Based in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Rian, whose Chinese name is An An, is an English teacher in a kindergarten and also a vlogger. He came up with the idea of making short videos of himself trying on Hanfu garments after seeing many people clad in the beautiful clothes walking in a newly refurbished Tang-style block that offered an immersive cultural experience including shopping, dining and other recreational activities in a bustling tourist area in the city.

Photo shows Rian clad in Hanfu. (Photo/Yang Yingqi)

"Today I'm dressed in Song style (clothes in the style of the Song Dynasty, 960-1279),” said Rian in a short video, after putting on the clothes skillfully. He also introduced the exquisite design of the cuff and collar, and made special mention of the hat with two long wings.

Rian loves the colorful and flamboyant Hanfu style of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) the most, and said that though the traditional outfit is difficult to put on, he feels comfortable wearing it and feels like he is traveling back into ancient times.

Rian checks his new look in the mirror. (Photo/Li Yifan)

Hanfu has also provided him a window to learn more about China. He said he previously only knew that China had a long history and profound culture, but now Hanfu has given him a more detailed understanding of the Chinese culture.

Speaking of his reasons for creating the short video clips, he said, "I want to share Chinese culture with the world. I also want to put the clips in the Western media."

Rian plans to stay in Xi'an for at least another five years, working as an English teacher while making short videos. He will continue to make short videos themed on Hanfu and hopes more people will learn about Hanfu and China through his videos.

Rian learns traditional Chinese greeting etiquette. (Photo/Li Yifan)

(Web editor: Hongyu, Du Mingming)


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