Timeless source of inspiration: The moon in relics

By Wu Chaolan (People's Daily Online) 16:22, September 09, 2022

Since ancient times, the moon's beauty has mesmerized and fascinated many cultures worldwide. From the sentimental love story of Chang’e and her husband to the romantic ancient Greek goddess of Diana, the moon is a celestial body of magic and mystery that has fed the imaginations of countless poets, artists, and musicians through the ages, leaving behind a dazzling array of artifacts that span from statues and ornaments to paintings and poems. People’s Daily Online has handpicked eight moon-related cultural relics, offering up a millennia-long re-encounter with those of old who, like us today, glimpse upon that shining light of inspiration that is the moon.

1,850-year-old Roman coin with moon goddess design

This well-preserved Roman-era bronze coin dates back to 1,850 years, depicting the moon goddess Luna. Bearing the date “year eight,” the coin was minted in the eighth year of the Roman Emperor Antonius Pius’s rule (138-161 CE). The coin features the Zodiac sign for Cancer below Luna, and an image depicting Emperor Pius on its obverse side. Archaeologists discovered it during a maritime survey organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority, and this is the first time such a coin has been discovered on the coast of Israel.

In ancient Roman mythology, Luna is the deity representing the moon, and she is best known for wearing a crescent as a crown and riding her chariot as she cast away the darkness of the night.


(Web editor: Wu Chaolan, Liang Jun)


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