Xi Focus-Quotable Quotes: Xi Jinping's expectations of children

(Xinhua) 13:10, June 01, 2022

BEIJING, June 1 (Xinhua) -- June 1 marks the International Children's Day. Chinese President Xi Jinping has on many occasions showed his caring for children and expressed what he expects of them.

As the country's top leader, Xi always finds time to interact with children. He visits schools, watches children play sports and practice calligraphy, replies to their letters and joins them in activities.

The following are some highlights of his quotes:

-- A better life for children is our biggest wish.

-- Children are the future of the country and the hope of the Chinese nation.

-- Children should study hard, firm up their ideals and convictions, and develop strong bodies and minds to prepare for realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

-- A person can have a lot of aspirations but the most important one should be about the motherland and people. This is the anchor of all concrete aspirations and the backbone of life.

-- Our society needs to understand, respect, care about and offer help to children, provide a favorable environment for them, and oppose and prevent violations of their rights and damage to their physical or mental health. 

(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Liang Jun)


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