Guardians of Dunhuang (6)

By Wu Chaolan, Gao Ge (People's Daily Online) 09:53, November 05, 2021

(People's Daily Online/Lin Shanshan)

Mogao Grottoes is not the only depositary of Dunhuang culture. Dunhuang Museum is home to more than 13,000 cultural relics, which is a significant platform for displaying and promoting ancient Dunhuang civilization.

Shi Mingxiu, the curator of Dunhuang Museum who has been working on cultural heritage conservation for decades, has always viewed cultural promotion as his ultimate mission. "The museum is the place for the public to communicate with history," said Shi. "Each collection is a time traveler, telling stories of the past."

In the interview with People's Daily Online, Shi shared the story behind one of his favorite cultural relics - the Sogdian Ancient Letters found in Dunhuang. The letters were written by ancient merchants and their family members in western China, and expressed their longing for home. "These touching stories vividly epitomize the lives of ancient people, mapping out the flourishing trades and cultural exchanges along the Silk Road," said Shi.

"Our job is to share those stories and let more people, especially young people, to know and appreciate the thousand-year culture of Dunhuang," said Shi.


(Web editor: Wu Chaolan, Liang Jun)


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