Guardians of Dunhuang (4)

By Wu Chaolan, Gao Ge (People's Daily Online) 09:53, November 05, 2021

(People's Daily Online/Lin Shanshan)

Zhu Feiqing's Dunhuang story began in 2016 when she attended a lecture on Mogao Grottoes and was magnetically attracted by its culture. "Every mural has a story, and these intriguing stories turned Dunhuang into a mecca in my heart," said Zhu. She paid her first visit to Dunhuang at the end of 2016. That was when she decided to move from Beijing to this ancient Silk Road city.

"Dunhuang is a quiet city. When I stayed here, the hubbub of city voices subsided. The longer I stay, the more I like it here," Zhu said.

Having always dreamed of becoming a cultural relics restorer, she firmly decided to pursue a master's degree in cultural relics conservation after obtaining a bachelor's degree in economics. Dunhuang, a city with a thousand-year-old history, is a perfect place for Zhu to realize her dream.

In 2017, Zhu landed a job at the protection and research institute of Dunhuang Academy. She currently participates in the biology group's animal project, studying the darkling beetle, an insect that sprang up at Mogao Grottoes in recent years due to climate change. "Animals such as insects, birds, and rats can do great harm to the ancient arts, and our job is to minimize that harm," said Zhu.

"No matter how difficult it might get, I will move forward courageously," said Zhu. "I hope my work can slow down the decaying process of the murals of Mogao Grottoes."


(Web editor: Wu Chaolan, Liang Jun)


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