Chinese ambassador: U.S.-UK-Australia pact 'extremely irresponsible'

(CGTN) 12:16, September 20, 2021

The Chinese ambassador to Paris says the UK, U.S. and Australia have been "extremely irresponsible" in forming their new security pact.

Lu Shaye told CGTN Europe countries in the Asia-Pacific region were worried about the new agreement that the three countries have signed. The so-called 'Aukus' pact will contribute to supplying Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.

Canberra pulled out of its original contract with France for a dozen attack-class submarines in a deal worth at least $66 billion and for which work was already under way. Australia says it is committed to nuclear non-proliferation and will not use nuclear weapons.

"The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are now co-operating on the construction of nuclear submarines, this endangers peace and the stability in the Asia-Pacific region and spurs a nuclear arms race," said Lu Shaye. 

(Web editor: Xian Jiangnan, Bianji)


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