Dad builds real-life Mole's World to get children off online games (4)

(People's Daily Online) 13:48, June 30, 2021
Dad builds real-life Mole's World to get children off online games
Photo shows Yao's daughter wearing a yellow hat just like the mole from the mobile phone game Mole's World. (Photo/yangtse.com)

A father recently built a real-life version of Mole's World, a popular mobile phone game in China, for his son and daughter in a bid to prevent them from becoming addicted to online games.

Yao Lifeng's realistic version of Mole's World, or Mole Garden, is situated in Wuzhong district, Suzhou city, east China's Jiangsu province. Pumpkins, tomatoes and other vegetables can be harvested in this garden, just like in the simulation game. At the entrance of the garden is a small blackboard, which reads: "Today's harvest: eggplant, corn, green peppers, and tomatoes."

According to Yao, his original intention behind building this marvelous garden was to prevent his children from over-indulging in virtual games. “Now, many children like to play Mole's World, and my son and daughter were also really into it," said Yao. Disturbed by their apparent addiction, he decided to do something to turn their attention away from the game.

"I have a large plot of land for growing vegetables in my hometown. Every time my children go back there, they like to go to the fields to pick vegetables. So I thought, why not find a piece of land in Suzhou to build a small Mole's World for my children?” Yao recalled.

With this idea in mind, Yao borrowed a vegetable garden from his friend in Wuzhong district, Suzhou, and decorated it to resemble the online game Mole's World.

Thanks to his efforts, he can now bring his children to this small garden on weekends to pick a variety of vegetables such as eggplant and green peppers and experience the joy of harvesting.

"Today's children are under a lot of pressure. In addition to finishing their homework from school, they also have to attend supplementary classes. I hope that my children can relieve their pressure with this garden and get close to nature," said the loving father. 


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