China builds 4G base station in 4 days for villagers in mountains of Gansu

(Xinhua) 08:19, May 18, 2021

Four days, is the time a Chinese county government has spent in building a telecommunications base station for 12 families in the depth of mountains in the country's northwest.

Wang Guodong lives in one side of Liugou village in Huining County of Gansu Province, where weak mobile signals made it difficult even to make a phone call.

However, after being diagnosed with spinal diseases, Wang needed the signals badly to reach out for doctor's advices.

"It's difficult for my brother to get in touch with his doctor. He couldn't get text messages or phone calls from his doctor," said Wang Guozhen, the brother of Wang Guodong.

Fortunately, with help from Wang's doctor, the Huining County government and telecom operators were informed.

They took action immediately.

"After we learned that there was a problem with cell phone signals in this area, we worked out an urgent construction plan at night. Our company sent staff to the site to test the cell phone signals. We planned to solve the problem within a week and provide China Mobile's 4G network for this village," said He Hongtong, deputy manager of China Mobile's branch in Huining County.

After four days of construction, a new 4G base station has now been erected on the mountain slope, bridging the communication gap between the village and the outside world.

The villagers were touched by the speedy move of the local government. "We are really grateful that the government and China Mobile have solved the communication problems for us," said Wang Guozhen.

(Web editor: Guo Wenrui, Liang Jun)


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