Pic story: man collects rock paintings in Gansu

(Xinhua) 14:18, March 24, 2021

Du Chengfeng clears the surface of a rock painting on the Leishan Mountain at Yugu Autonomous County of Sunan, northwest China's Gansu Province, March 22, 2021. Du Chengfeng, 45, was born from a herdsman's family. Just out of interest and passion, he has collected over 12,000 pieces of rock paintings on the Qilian Mountains in the past 20 years. He often spends over 100 days a year searching for various rock paintings in the deep mountain. Du began to work in the cultural sector in 2012. Under his suggestion, local authorities on administration of cultural heritage has enhanced efforts to protect the rock paintings, and kept paper and electronic edition for the existing rock painting data. Du said he wished to build a rock painting museum someday in future. (Xinhua/Feng Yasong)


(Web editor: Wen Ying, Liang Jun)


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