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Xi Jinping: A global leader in the fight against coronavirus

By Md Enamul Hassan (People's Daily Online)    08:45, February 22, 2021

President Xi Jinping waves to residents who are quarantined at home and sends regards to them at a community in Wuhan, March 10, 2020. (Xinhua/Ju Peng)

Editor's note: Bangladeshi journalist and columnist Md Enamul Hassan published an article entitled "Xi Jinping: A global leader in the fight against coronavirus" on Bangladesh Post on 21, February. The following is the full text of the story.

There is an oft-quoted saying that people get the leader they deserve. The Chinese have Xi Jinping as their leader whom they really deserve. He is the complete embodiment of the universal virtues of the Chinese nation and extraordinary, charismatic leadership qualities.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Xi Jinping has risen to prominence in the world for his philanthropic nature. People got to know him as a leader who works on his words to safeguard humanity from the deadly novel coronavirus.

Under his prudent and capable leadership, China bravely confronted the first attacks of the virus. The successful fight of China against the pandemic raised hopes and built confidence among billions of people on earth over defeating the virus.

In May last year, when the world saw no end of the curse of the pandemic and major countries were struggling to develop its vaccines, Xi Jinping was very confident and prudent to declare that China would make its vaccines a global public good once available.

His announcement calmed growing concerns of many countries for life-saving vaccines. The world welcomed the promise, branding him a philanthropic leader as Xi Jinping declared it at a moment when major countries preferred their narrowed-national interests in saving mankind.

Apart from the vaccines, Xi Jinping also raised a voice for the need for all countries to have unhindered timely access to vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and other technologies for the novel coronavirus.

Later on, Xi Jinping continued working on his words and, before the development of the vaccines, the government of China, under his leadership, provided assistance to over 150 countries and international organizations to fight the pandemic, which demonstrates the sincerity of his promise.

The assistance included face masks, protective suits, test kits, medical teams, video conferences for sharing experience and data, medical supplies, protective glasses, thermometers, and ventilators to name a few.

After the development of the vaccines, China is walking the talk and has taken concrete steps to honor the pledge to make vaccines global public goods, once available, with greater affordability and accessibility in developing countries.

In doing so, China has announced a plan to provide 10 million vaccine doses to developing nations through the global COVAX initiative under the World Health Organization (WHO). China is also providing vaccine aid to some 53 developing countries. The number of receiving countries is highly likely to go up in the coming days.

At the same time, China has exported or is in the process of exporting vaccines to 22 countries. During the Spring Festival, China has sent its vaccines to at least seven countries in token of its sincerity to put humanity first.

President Xi Jinping inquires about purchasing and supply of people's daily necessities at a community in Wuhan, March 10, 2020. (Xinhua/Xie Huanchi)

China has supported its companies in conducting joint research and production of vaccines with foreign partners. As a result, Sinopharm and Sinovac have already exported vaccines to several countries including the UAE, Morocco, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil and Chile.

When other world leaders have opted for saving their countrymen during the difficult time of the pandemic, President Xi has stood out as a philanthropic global leader in safeguarding the entire humanity besides his own people. Such extraordinary, spirited and exemplary efforts have proved that his mission to build a community of shared future for mankind is not merely rhetoric.

President Xi is such a compassionate leader that when the world was concerned over the pandemic situation in Wuhan, he visited the city in central China and talked to the people. Much to my surprise, the President asked the concerned people to provide city-dwellers with live fish as they love to eat live fish. At his instruction, they have been given enough fish to eat during the hard time.

This is not the only one instance of his compassion for the people. Rather, the Chinese are eye-witnesses of many of such kinds of humanitarian initiatives of their leader. The people are always in his thoughts. Though being a son of a high-ranking leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Xi Jinping has deliberately opted for a hardworking and simple life to serve the people.

Prior to becoming the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping has served in each stratum of the party and administration from the grassroots to the highest hierarchy in different capacities. As a result, his sacrifice, dedication, and commitment to the welfare of people are on everyone's lip like legends.

During his long political and administrative career, Xi Jinping has earned a name as the people-oriented leader for his focus and concentration on the benefaction of the people forever. He is, therefore, considered a politician of the people and leader of deep humanity among the Chinese.

The author is a Bangladeshi journalist and columnist now based in Beijing, China.   

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