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Guangxi in 24 hours

(People's Daily Online)    10:38, November 01, 2019

Within 24 hours, what’s happening in Guangxi?

5:00 Chongzuo

The city mainly inhabited by people of the Zhuang ethnic group awakes in the chirping of birds.

6:00 Nanning

The Laoyou (old friend) rice noodles restaurants open, letting out the fragrance of fermented soya beans.

7:00 Nanning

Subway stations meet their first commuters during rush hour, when the city starts to glow with vibrant color and dynamism.

8:00 Fangchenggang

People crowd the port city, as border trade being carried out in an orderly manner.

9:00 Pingxiang

At the Friendship Pass, the Five-Starred Red Flag is raised slowly in support of the national anthem.

10:00 Baise

Baise Uprising Memorial Hall is crowded with visitors who came to follow the trail of the Communist Party of China.

11:00 Hechi

In beautiful and peaceful scenery, seniors in Bama Yao Autonomous County of Hechi City leisurely enjoy their slow life.

12:00 Wuzhou

Good tea knows its season. Tea growers pick fresh buds from tea trees.

13:00 Qinzhou

Cute “smiling angels”, Chinese white dolphins, jump out of the sea, charming all spectators.

14:00 Beihai

Coral conservators dive into the sea, devoting themselves to take care of the “coral gardens on the bottom of the sea”.

15:00 Hezhou

Street artists’ performances add youthful vigour to Huangyao ancient town.

16:00 Guilin

Fly to the sky with a paraglider to take in the picturesque beauty of the Lijiang River.

17:00 Guigang

Datengxia Hydropower Project is under intensive construction. The magnificent miter gate catches everyone’s eyes.

18:00 Beihai

A forest of traveling cranes run at a sea terminal, where large vessels are busy unloading cargo.

19:00 Nanning

A dragon fruit base in Nanning is studded with lights, turning orchards into a sea of lights.

20:00 Liuzhou

Tourists on boats enjoy the splendid scenery of the Liujiang River in beautiful lights.

21:00 Guilin

The outdoor grand performance Impression Liu Sanjie begins, presenting a great legend in a setting with real mountains and rivers.

22:00 Laibin

People of Yao ethnic group perform the breathtaking acrobatic show – “Climbing a mountain of swords and plunging into a sea of flames”.

23:00 Liuzhou

Innovations in new energy vehicles are speeding up, while efforts at tackling key problems for scientific and technological breakthroughs are in full swing.

24:00 Nanning

Food stores in old streets of Nanning never close, provoking the appetite of visitors even in the small hours of the morning.

1:00 Nanning

Night readers immerse themselves in books, enjoying the fun of reading in the tranquil early hours of the morning.

2:00 Yulin

Scientific research teams pool wisdom, trying to give impetus to the engines based on the “China VI” vehicle emission standards.

3:00 Nanning

Musical play Xue Se Xiang Jiang (bloody Xiangjiang River) is rehearsed all the night, aiming to reproduce the epic story of the Battle of Xiangjiang.

4:00 Nanningdong Railway Station

Dispatching of high-speed railway inspection vehicles is completed, ready to convoy passengers all the way.

The efforts to chases dreams 24 hours a day make Guangxi enjoy 70 years of glory. 

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(Web editor: Sheng Chuyi, Bianji)

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