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Qinghai Province in 24 hours

(People's Daily Online)    09:50, October 31, 2019

Within 24 hours, what’s happening in Qinghai?


5:00 Chengxi, Xining

Radio anchors begin their daily work and their greetings energize your morning.

6:00 Gangcha, Haibei

Qinghai Lake welcomes the sunrise with golden rays touching the blue water.

7:00 Xunhua, Haidong

A bowl of hot beef noodles is served with all the blessings filled in the soup.

8:00 Golmud, Haixi

A giant bridge is erected in the Kunlun Mountains with officers and soldiers escorting this "giant dragon".

9:00 Huangzhong, Xining

Tourists come to visit Ta’er Lamasery enjoying the exquisite Tibetan craftsmanship.

10:00 Zaduo, Yushu

The scenery of the Angsai Canal is magnificent and the management staff shuttle runs between mountains and rivers.

11:00 Hualong, Haidong

The reservoir of the Yellow River is rippling and the aquaculture helps improve people's living standard.

12:00 Gonghe, Hainan

Photovoltaic panels stand next to green grass and an ecological oasis is built in the middle of sand dunes.

13:00 Dulan, Haixi

Chinese wolfberries ripen with redness spreading all over the drying field.

14:00 Menyuan, Haibei

High speed rails pass through an ocean of rape seed flowers that compete in a blossom competition.

15:00 Wulan, Haixi

The land is filled with crops which provide an abundant harvest.

16:00 Huangzhong, Xining

Old artistry is all the rage showcasing unique craftsmanship.

17:00 Tongren, Huangnan

Thang-gamaster passes on his knowledge and paints the world with one stroke.

18:00 Zhanian Highway & Xunlong Highway, Xining

The road network extends in all directions and there is a steady flow of traffic.

19:00 Chengxi, Xining

Tall buildings are lining up and the city is full of life.

20:00 Maduo, Guoluo

Enjoy the sunset at the source of the Yellow River where the setting sun reflects on the water, and shadows and lights are moving.

21:00 Chengxi, Xining

Bookstores are crowded with readers who are wandering in the ocean of knowledge.

22:00 Downtown area of Yushu

In the charming night, the new town on the plateau is flowing with lights.

23:00 Chengzhong, Xining

Visitors linger in the ocean of lights and they indulge in pleasures without stopping.

24:00 Downtown area of Yushu

The medical staffs are hectic but orderly and fighting on the battlefield without guns.

1:00 Gonghe, Hainan

Stars are shining above the Qinghai Lake and the boundless sky is deep and distant.

2:00 Chengdong, Xining

The police patrol late at night for people's peaceful life.

3:00 Chengdong, Xining

A mechanical arm is operating with precision and the production line runs all night

4:00 Mang'ai, Haixi

Oilmen are working at night along with the dimming moon light

24 hours provide a glimpse of Qinghai’s achievements in the past seven decades.

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(Web editor: Sheng Chuyi, Bianji)

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