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HK entrepreneur: don't miss opportunities by being a stranger to Chinese mainland

By Xian Jiangnan, Ma Tianyi, Wei Yanxing (People's Daily Online)    08:41, August 29, 2019

Hong Kong entrepreneur Ho Yiuwai said the Chinese mainland offers enormous space for HK youth to explore a better future.

Sitting in his office by the Sham Chun River in Shenzhen, a natural border between the city and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, commanding a view of skyscrapers and forest-clad mountains of Hong Kong, Mr. Ho encouraged more young Hongkongers to follow in his footsteps by coming to the mainland to do business. 

"Don't miss opportunities by being a stranger to the Chinese mainland."

The 47-year-old Hong Kong entrepreneur sat down for a talk with People's Daily Online on Tuesday, sharing his story of doing business in the Chinese mainland. 

Ho Yiuwai, the CEO of Shu Tang Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Photo/People's Daily Online) 

Ho Yiuwai, the CEO of Shu Tang Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., has been doing business in Shenzhen and Dongguan, south China's Guangdong Province, for 28 years. His company is devoted to the R&D of non-invasive glucose monitoring. Four years ago, he moved his company to Shenzhen, hoping that the large market in the Chinese mainland would support the commercialization of his technologies. 

Nearly half of his employees come from Hong Kong. In his view, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have intertwined interests, and it is natural to go to the Chinese mainland to do business. 

"Many friends at my age live or work in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong. China boasts a huge market. Many years ago, only Hong Kong manufacturing could be seen in the Chinese mainland. But now, many Hong Kong food brands can be seen here," Ho said.

He also noted that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area had provided him with excellent career opportunities. As one of the most open and economically dynamic regions in China, the Greater Bay Area is significant in the country's implementation of innovation-driven development and commitment to reform and opening-up.

"The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is oriented towards the market in the whole of the Chinese mainland, providing enough market share and inclusivity, so that young Hongkongers are better able to develop their careers," Ho said. "We should get to know more about the Greater Bay Area policies to see how they could benefit us."

"Many international giants, such as Apple and IBM, are investing heavily in the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong is so close to the Chinese mainland, so why not give it a try?" he said.

Ho also expressed his concern over the recent riots in Hong Kong, noting that some protesters have had a huge impact on the lives of Hong Kong citizens, such as disrupting traffic as well as tarnished the city's international image.

"Generations of Hong Kong people helped achieve the region's current successes. It was not done in one go. However, it can easily be destroyed in a really short time," said Ho, adding that most of his friends and Hong Kong citizens hope the turmoil will soon settle, so that their life can return to normal.

Looking forward, Ho is confident that everything in Hong Kong will come out right in time. "If we unite, Hong Kong will undoubtedly have a bright future. Don't miss development opportunities by being a stranger to the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong has already missed many opportunities in the past twenty years," he stressed. 

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(Web editor: Zhao Tong, Du Mingming)

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