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Violence will only dampen Hong Kong’s future: HK entrepreneur

By  Kou Jie, Chen Yuzhu (People's Daily Online)    16:08, August 24, 2019

Ho Yiuwai (Photo/Provided to People's Daily Online)

As demonstrations in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region continue, violent attacks on local police and governmental institutions have led to further chaos, striking a heavy blow to Hong Kong’s economy and social stability. In response to the current situation, people in Hong Kong have been voicing their demand of restoring stability, as well as condemning the violence that “drags Hong Kong into abyss.”

“For the past two months, traffic systems in Hong Kong have been severely disrupted, causing trouble for those of us who have to commute daily between Hong Kong and mainland. We used to feel safe living in Hong Kong, but now we are haunted by insecurity,” Ho Yiuwai, a Hong Kong entrepreneur, told People’s Daily Online.

As the CEO of Shu Tang Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd., 47-year-old Ho has been doing business in Shenzhen and Dongguan, south China’s Guangdong Province for 28 years. In his view, stability and positive relations with the Chinese mainland are the premises of Hong Kong’s future development, while he and his friends believe that the ties between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland can't be broken.

“I have many friends who have decided to start their business on the Chinese mainland. During the past few decades, Hong Kong and the mainland are economically intertwined, our ties cannot be severed,” he said.

According to Ho, the recent violent attacks in Hong Kong have not only brought trouble to the locals, but also tarnished the city’s international image built up over the years. The attacks, especially those targeting the local police, are unjustified and unacceptable.

“Hong Kong police has been making great efforts to ensure the city’s stability and prosperity. As a local, I believe most people in Hong Kong are grateful and supportive of the police’s contribution. Those mobs have clearly lost their mind in venting their anger on innocent policemen, that’s utterly unacceptable,” said Ho.

In Ho’s opinion, some young people’s ignorance of Chinese mainland is a major reason behind the current chaos. He believes that their ignorance has gradually turned into misunderstanding, which is then utilized by those who wish no good of Hong Kong.

“With years of experience, I want to urge the youth in Hong Kong to go to the mainland, to see our motherland’s great achievements, rather than to believe some radical opinions. Chinese mainland is diversified and inclusive, while its great market can allow young people in Hong Kong chase their dreams and future,” said Ho.

“After all, we are all Chinese, and we should feel proud of our own country,” he added.

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