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America's most radical anti-China politician rears his ugly head

By Curtis Stone (People's Daily Online)    10:24, June 19, 2019

According to Reuters, Marco Rubio, one of America's most radical anti-China politicians, filed legislation on Monday that would prevent Huawei from seeking damages in US patent courts.

The move shocked many netizens, both in China and US and the rest of the world, who exclaim that the “patriotic thief”—someone who seems to be a patriot, but actually is doing nothing good for the country, even selling out the country—in the US Congress is making the US behave like a rogue on the world stage.

Rubio, along with the hypocrites who accuse China of intellectual property theft in the US, apply a double standard to Huawei and its more than 50,000 patents, and then turn around and insult Huawei, calling the Chinese tech giant a “patent troll.”

“Huawei has become a patent troll,” Rubio tweeted last week in response to a Wall Street Journal report that said Huawei wants Verizon to pay licensing fees for its patents. “This is an attempt by them to retaliate against the US by setting the stage for baseless, but costly, patent claims.”

Although many people frequently dismiss his remarks, many Americans in the scientific community agree that Huawei can demand patent fees from US companies.

According to the report, Rubio filed the measure as an amendment to the annual US National Defense Authorization Act, prohibiting Chinese companies on certain US government watch lists, which would include Huawei, from being allowed to seek relief under US law with respect to US patents, even if Huawei’s patent rights are infringed by US companies. Rubio also wants to prohibit US courts from accepting these cases.

In other words, the senator from Florida intends to let the US—not steal—but blatantly grab the intellectual property and patents of Chinese companies.

For many people, the move went too far. “You mean you support the theft of Huawei IP?” one netizen asked rhetorically.

Fortunately, many people in the US realize that Rubio does not have America’s best interests in mind when he attacks Chinese companies like this. On social media, many netizens in the US and other countries are shocked by Rubio’s practice of harming the US, and they have expressed incredulity.

One Facebook user said: “If it’s patented, they should pay to use it. If they won’t pay to use it, Huawei should have every right to sue. You can’t just take companies’ patented tech and not pay for it, no matter how much you dislike them. There’s no integrity in America.”

Another Facebook user wrote: “I do not get that? You want China to respect US patents but the US would deny China’s patent?” adding that the move is “really dumb.”

One netizen said that Rubio’s approach would be akin to shooting the country in the foot and would damage the reputation of the US patent system. “This amendment undermines the US Patent System,” a Twitter user said in response to the report by Reuters, adding: “We are shooting ourselves in the foot to fight a single private foreign company.”

 Another said sarcastically that foreign firms must stop stealing and pay for American patents, but if they ask American firms to pay for patents, then it is “over my dead body.”

It is ridiculous but not unexpected that Rubio would accuse Chinese companies of stealing intellectual property from the US and then turn around and try to rig the US patent system so that the US can blatantly grab the intellectual property of Chinese companies, and then brazenly call Chinese companies such as Huawei “patent trolls.”

Indeed, the Cuban-American politician, who holds a biased attitude toward socialist countries, such as Cuba and China, has a record of opposing China on almost everything including on the issues of Taiwan and Confucius Institutes.

Rubio’s latest move has exposed selfish political intentions. His radical behavior will only harm his own country at the end, even though it may suit his political playbook.

“There goes US self-righteousness about intellectual property,” a Facebook user commented. “Only when it suits their political playbook,” the user added.


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