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Baidu reveals its top 12 weirdest searches

By Shan Xin  (People's Daily Online)    17:13, August 01, 2017

(The screenshot of Baidu search engine)

A list of top 12 weird searches revealed by Baidu, the leading search engine in China, boomed recently, showing the wild imagination of Chinese web users.

Have you ever wondered “if you hold in a fart, where does it go?” According to Baidu, it exits out the mouth and nose. When people hold in gas it will absorb into the intestinal wall and then mix with the blood. Then the gas comes out through the mouths—the higher end of the digestive track.

“Why can’t I stop picking at acne?” raised the second biggest question mark. Baidu says the reason is obsessive-compulsive disorder. People with this mental disorder feel the need to repeatedly touch and squeeze their pimples until their anxiety is relieved by the repeated movements. This may also occur in people who are perfectionists or in those who are obsessed with their looks.

According to the data, people from 20 to 40 years old are curious why their snoring doesn’t wake them up. According to Baidu, their brains ignore the information so they can have a good rest.

Some wanted to know: “Will mosquitoes still bite if I put a bowl of blood next to my bed?” Baidu says yes, as the bowl of blood will cool down and mosquitoes are attracted to heat.

There were also questions that Baidu was unable to answer, such as: “Why does my daughter look ugly?” According to Baidu’s data, Libras are most likely to search this question. Many users on the Chinese language collective intelligence community Baidu Knows comfort those who ask this question by saying “beauty is not everything” or “your daughter might be more beautiful when she blossoms into womanhood.”

Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine and the largest Chinese website, used by 95 percent of Chinese internet users. According to its official website, Baidu receives more than 5 billion search queries every day.

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