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arrival.jpg (23249 bytes)Jiang   promises better atmosphere
for foreign investors

Chinese President Jiang Zemin delivers
a key-note speech at a banquet welcoming
global CEOs attending the '99 Fortune
Global Forum Monday in Shanghai. 
In the speech, Jiang said that the Chinese government will offer good terms to and
create a better environment for foreign
investors in China. (Full Text)

Latest Reports:

September 30

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)'99 Fortune Global Forum Concludes in Shanghai 

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Lee Kuan Yew Predicts China Will Become Major World Player

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Roundup: Future of China Held High at Fortune Forum 

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)China Continues to Be Major Investment Destination

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Chinese, International Entrepreneurs Flex Same Gene at Fortune Forum

September 29

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)China Able to Achieve Sustainable Growth: Forum Participants

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)China considers readjusting telecommunications fees

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Chinese Enterprises Eye World Market

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Energy structure to improve

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Chinese Economy to Be Mid-Developed in 50 Years

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)China to continue opening financial sector

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Gallup Survey: Chinese Intend to Buy More

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Economists on China's SOE Reform at Fortune Forum

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Shanghai Striving to Become International Financial Center

September 28

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)China to continue opening financial sector

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Kissinger Says China's Accession to WTO Achievable in 1999

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)President busy meeting guests

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Speakers at Fortune Forum Optimistic on China's Future

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)World's IT chiefs discuss high-tech trends with Chinese ministers

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Long ties make victor of Boeing

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Toshiba works to satisfy nation's changing industry

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)CEOs give strong support to nation's WTO accession bid

September 27

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)China Sets Agenda for '99 Fortune Global Forum

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)News Analysis: Why World Economic Giants Cherish Special Interests in China

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Fortune Forum Well Prepared

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Shanghai Ready to Offer Class Service to Fortune Forum

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Spokeswoman: Chinese Government Attaches Importance to Fortune Forum in Shanghai

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Shanghai Prepares for Fortune Forum

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Most Foreign Investors in Shanghai Positive about Economy

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Multinationals Increasing Investment in China

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)New Shanghai International Conference Center In Full Swing

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Shanghai Has Advanced New Airport

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)Economic Zone Draws Attention of '99 FGF Participants

circle.jpg (5110 bytes)300 University Volunteers to Serve at '99 Fortune Forum


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