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FM welcomes Australia's noting China's "peaceful rise"


09:53, May 04, 2013

BEIJING, May 3 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Foreign Ministry has welcomed the publication of an Australian white paper noting China's "peaceful rise" by wishing for a continuous build-up in mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two nations.

Speaking at a press briefing on Friday, ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying expressed hope for enduring development of the China-Australia bilateral strategic partnership.

Her remarks came after Australia released the 2013 Defence White Paper on the same day, which said that "the government does not approach China as an adversary. Rather, its policy is aimed at encouraging China's peaceful rise."

"The White Paper regards China's peaceful development as beneficial for the region and the whole world, which shows the high value and positive attitude Australia puts on the bilateral relations," according to Hua.

The two countries decided to upgrade their relations to a strategic partnership of mutual trust and benefit when Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard visited China last month, Hua said, adding that China hopes Australia will take the opportunity of the new white paper's launch to implement the orientation of the strategic partnership on all aspects of bilateral ties.

When asked if China deems that Australia must choose whether to place its allegiance with it or the United States, Hua stressed that, as three important nations in the Asia-Pacific region, positive interactions and mutually beneficial cooperation between each side will be conducive to regional peace, stability, prosperity and development.

"We hope interactions between each side can generate positive energy to maintain and improve regional prosperity and stability, not vice versa," she told the press briefing.

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