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Five-year visas for foreigners on way

(China Daily)

09:32, May 04, 2013

Draft rule aims to attract talented professionals China urgently needs

Foreign talent will soon be eligible for China visas valid for up to five years, under a draft regulation.

The draft was released by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council on Friday, and public opinion is being sought for a month. It states that China will grant two new types of visa, R1 and R2, for foreign professionals.

Both types will be granted to foreign talent and professionals at senior level that the country urgently needs, according to the draft.

A R1 visa will come with residency rights, while a R2 visa will allow multiple entry and exits.

Liu Guofu, an immigration law specialist at the Beijing Institute of Technology, said R1 visa holders can apply for a residence permit for up to five years, while a R2 visa will allow professionals to stay in China for 180 days at a time.

The regulation will be implemented under the Exit and Entry Administration Law, which takes effect in July.

Visa holders should be experts recognized by provincial-level governments and above, and professionals that China urgently needs, according to the regulation.

Earlier rules endorsed by five ministry-level departments state that foreign professionals working on projects carried out by central government departments and centrally administered enterprises, and talent introduced through provincial-level recruitment programs, can benefit from the new long-term visas.

The new State Council regulation does not specify groups that China urgently needs and which are eligible for "talent visas". But Liu said a draft in which ministerial departments had assessed feedback from specialists, including Liu, shows they include candidates with management experience at leading multinationals, specialists in education and science-related fields, and renowned figures in culture and sport.

"The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs may soon release the list of target groups," Liu said.

Wang Huiyao, director of the Center for China and Globalization in Beijing, said the new visas will help attract overseas talent.

"The regulation will especially lure those who work in other countries but want to spend time working in China," he said.

Wang said that in the past China had focused a great deal on how to manage foreigners working in or visiting the country when making or amending visa-related laws and regulations.

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Wende at 2013-05-0498.109.105.*
Don"t make visa renewals too complicated. There is no need to force people to apply on line as some of us are not savvy with computers. Also, more places should be designated to handle visa renewal inside China. I understand some expats have to fly to HK every year or sooner just to renew their visas.
PD User at 2013-05-04111.192.2.*
Yes, change the style - become more cosmopolitan -just have a look at the dress code: most women wear black, most men wear black - the color of death. Why not become more happy, more cheerful - change to light blue and yellow for the summer, Dress your police officers in middle blue uniforms with a white shirt. It will bring a change to Chinese mentality.

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