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Beijing visa waiver opens new travel business opportunities


09:47, December 07, 2012

Beijing's new visa waiver policy, granting Beijing tourists a 72-hour visa-free stay, has created business opportunities for the travel industry. Chinese travel agencies and companies are planning to make the most of it with new business ideas.

Beijing is to see more international travelers.

The city has approved a 72-hour visa waiver for foreign tourists from 45 countries, starting next year. Travel agencies have set their sights on this new surge of potential customers.

Han Yufeng from China Int'l Travel Service Ltd, said, "On arrival, tourists will have the option of grouping with tourists from the same country for day tours. They will be able to choose between package services and private tours."

Night life will be another attraction for tourists. Restaurants, theatres and shopping malls are expecting higher sales next year.

Zhu Mingming, Art Director at Dayin Theatre in Beijing, said, "We’ll present more performances that can be understood by foreign audiences. We’ll translate musicals and plays. Also we’ll extend opening hours to meet the demands of foreign tourists."

Some travel agencies are looking to foster new traveling markets, such as caravans, yachts and camping. Officials with the Beijing Travel Committee believe the new waiver policy is a chance to turn more of the city’s cultural resources into travel products.

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