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Nokia banks on robust Lumia 920T sales

By Rich Zhu (Shanghai Daily)

08:43, December 06, 2012

(File Photo)

NOKIA and China Mobile jointly launched a flagship model in China yesterday as the Finland-based company banks on robust sales to help it regain profitability and market position that it lost to Apple and Samsung in the past two years.

Nokia, formerly the world's biggest handset vendor, unveiled the wireless-charging Lumia 920T in Guangzhou, its first smartphone supporting Windows Phone 8 system. The sales of the model in China, the world's biggest mobile phone market, will determine Nokia's future, industry insiders said.

"China is the biggest market for Nokia's Lumia, and we believe sale will boom, thanks to our strong partners," said Stephen Elop, Nokia's chief executive.

Elop named about 10 Chinese partners, including Jiepang, UCWeb and Air China which will place wireless-charging machines for the Lumia 920T in its lounges at the Beijing International Airport.

China has a huge market potential for mobile phone replacement, about 350 million units each year, said Li Yue, president of China Mobile.

The telco is selling the Lumia 920T at 4,599 yuan (US$738) without contract, slightly cheaper than Samsung's Galaxy Note II and Apple's iPhone 5.

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