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Air quality control: 50 years may be too long

(People's Daily Online)

09:17, February 02, 2013

The experience of Western countries that took 30 to 50 years to control the air pollution may not be applicable to China. 50 years is too long to wait for and we should take any possible measures to solve the air pollution problem in China.

Wu Xiaoqing, deputy director of Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that the progress of air pollution control at home and abroad shows that solving the problem is a long-term and hard work; developed countries took 30 to 50 years to solve the problem and we should be aware that it may take a long time in our country. We can force the society to turn to an environment-friendly one through stricter measures.

For example, China can revise Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Law and Environmental Protection Act as soon as possible so that enterprises and the people that pollute air will be punished severely.

It can strengthen monitoring enterprises to get a true data of discharge. Meanwhile, it should establish the transparent information system and public reporting system.

It could intensify the power of environmental protection department by giving them the right to shut down illegal enterprises.

We should encourage people to establish nongovernmental environment organizations and environment protection volunteer teams; and also all the new projects must be approved by the local people who will have the right to monitor.

Nowadays there is a serious ecological deterioration in China, turning into the environment protection and public benefit government is not easy to improve environment and what we need a strong will and feasible and public recognized measures.

Source:The Beijing News, author: Feng Yongfeng.

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