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The fifteenth Young Singer Grand Prix People's Daily Online Team Recruitment

(People's Daily Online)

17:07, February 01, 2013

We need you!

The fifteenth Youth Chinese CCTV TV Grand Prix will be held in the first half of 2013. As the earliest singing competition in China Central TV, Youth Chinese Grand Prix has always been welcome by people. This year, Grand Prix attempts to set up a network media team. People's Daily Online will send nine contestants to the semi-finals (Group), and 3 (Group) to the finals.

Telephone number for inquiries:+86)10-65367978 (8:00 - 21:00)

Registration period: January 21, 2013 -- February 20, 2013

Categories: Bel canto, ethnic and popular

Age: 18 years old (born before April 1, 1995) to 35 years old (born after April 1, 1978). Professional and amateur singers are all welcome, no matter where they come from.

Registration methods:

1. Applying online

2. By mail
a, Download and fill in the personal data sheet, with a 2 - inch color photo, and a photocopy of ID card (both side).Download the personal data sheet (right click "save as")
To download application form, please click here

b, Please attach a audio or video demo (audio file size less than 10MB or video less than 300MB), in a CD or MD memory.

c, Demo must contain: a sample of a song (Bel canto, ethnic or popular), an original or reflect the characteristics of their own songs. The application of Bel Canto, please attach demo of two songs, one in Chinese and another one in a foreign language.

d, Mail your application form, photo, copy of ID and demo to People's Daily Online Qinggesai Registration.

Beijing Chaoyang District Jintai Road 2, People's Daily Online entertainment channel Qinggesai Registration, People's Daily Headquarters.
Post code: 100733

3, Micro message registration

People's Daily Online Entertainment

Find the micro message public account "People's Daily Online entertainment", click to follow us, then send demo video or audio through micro text. The information below must be included with the demo.
a, Name,
b, Photos (A 2 - inch color photo and a fine art photo)
c, Category you are applying for
d, Contact details
e, Digital version of ID card copy

For more detailed information please see:

*Please apply by choosing one of the three methods mentioned above. We do not accept direct registration.


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