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Kindergarten teacher accused of cutting child's nose

By Ou Hailin  (

10:06, February 01, 2013

A kindergarten teacher has been dismissed from her job after being accused of cutting a child's nose with a pair of scissors, Oriental Morning Post reported on Thursday.

The incident took place at a private kindergarten in the Jinnan district of Tianjin municipality, North China.

Wang Xiulong, the child's father, said he received a phone call from the kindergarten at 1 pm on Feb 22, saying his 3-year-old son "had an accident".

When he arrived at the school, Wang found his son with blood all over his face, and the right side of his nose gashed.

The teacher, surnamed Geng, was responsible for the child's injury. She earlier told media she was helping Junjun, the injured child, to cut a thread spun around his fingers when she accidentally wounded his nose.

But another teacher surnamed Yang, who was also on duty, claimed the story was not true. Yang said when Junjun did not take a nap as required, Geng tried to frighten him into sleep with the scissors when the accident happened.

The child has undergone surgery. Doctors say he will have a scar on his face.

Wang and his wife reported the incident to police two days later.

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