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Transport capacity behind Chinese-style home return

(People's Daily Online)

17:32, January 25, 2013

More than 3.4 billion passenger trips in China will be on the way home during the Spring Festival travel peak that will last 40 days. How many “ways” are available to the public for their homebound journey?

Railway: shortage alleviated but still not satisfactory

Official at the Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Railways said 450 pairs of temporary passenger trains are deployed during the Spring Festival travel season this year. Coupled with the 2,200 pairs of regular trains, this created a record high over the years in terms of transportation capacity. However, difficulties in buying tickets are still apparent due to the prominent contradictions between capacity and demand.

Automobiles: 1 million scheduled buses daily

According to estimation of the Ministry of Transport, 3.14 billion passenger trips nationwide will choose highways for the travel during the Spring Festival travel season.

He Jianzhong, spokesman of the Ministry of Transport made analysis and said that 2.6 million highway buses are scheduled daily nationwide and can transport 3.13 billion passenger trips during the 40 days, therefore the capacity is greater than the predicted traffic demand.

Passenger ships: easy to get tickets

Is it possible to get back home by passenger ships? He Jianzhong said that more than 13 thousand passenger ships will be deployed for the water transportation during the Spring Festival travel season this year, which can provide more than 700,000 seats each time daily. Ships are able to travel back and forth many times daily due to the short-distance water transportation, so more than 1 million seats will be provided daily, which is greater than the expected passenger number of 43.1 million with a guaranteed transportation capacity.

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