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Survey: 70.6 pct of Chinese lack of job security

(People's Daily Online)

09:08, January 25, 2013


According to a survey of 2,074 people by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily, 76.2 percent of them say that there are many people with skills anxiety around them. 62.8 percent of them think that lacking of job security and having no ideas how to work hard is the main reason causing skills anxiety.

68 percent of people say that the fear of being unable to keeping up with the times is the main performance of skills anxiety.

According to the survey, 76.2 percent of people think there are many people having skills anxiety and 24.7 percent of people think that the number of people with skills anxiety is pretty large.

Xu Meng has been working as a technical assistany in a company since she graduated from automation department of a university in Beijing. In order to get more certificates, she has not taken part in any leisure activities including going to parties and meeting friends, instead of reading books and doing exercise in her room after work. Her parents are very happy for her hard working, but she feels that she has become an examination machine completely and has nothing except some certificates.

70.6 percent of people think that they have weak job securities.

62.8 percent of people say that lacking of job security and having no ideas how to work hard is the main reason causing skills anxiety, according to the survey.

With regard to the impact causing by skills anxiety; 70.6 percent of people say it is easy to make people get tired of their jobs with anxious emotions; 66.2 percent of people think that it is possible to make people become examination machines of losing the ability to think and study; 63.6 percent of people worry that there may be a trend of instrumentalization resulting in peoples' losing the direction of life; 54.1 percent of people think that it may make education utilitarian and result in the students' lacking of creativity.

Read the Chinese version:76.2%受访者确认身边很多人有技能焦虑症; Source: China Youth Daily; Author:Sun Zhen

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