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Syria allows exiled opposition to return home for national dialogue


08:57, January 25, 2013

DAMASCUS, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- Syria's Interior Ministry has granted permission to exiled opposition to come to Syria in order to participate in the national dialogue aimed at bringing the long- standing conflict to a close, the state-TV reported.

In a statement issued Thursday, the ministry said the invitation comes on the bases of the new political vision laid forward by President Bashar al-Assad, which includes a cease-fire, followed by a comprehensive national dialogue conference, and the establishment of a broad-based government and parliament.

It said the exiled opposition and other Syrians who have fled the country legally or illegally are permitted to come back through certain border points, adding that they would be provided with all facilitation, including the freedom to leave or stay in the country.

The move has come in coordination with the Ministry of National Reconciliation, the statement said.

Despite the government's attempt to create the atmosphere for an inclusive dialogue, the exiled opposition has rejected any dialogue even from the very first months of the conflict. Furthermore, the broad-based opposition, which has been recently gathered under one umbrella, dismissed Assad's new vision for political solution and conditioned his ouster as a prelude to any solution.

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