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Suicide-bomber angry about unpaid bonus


11:03, January 22, 2013

A suicide-bomber in Guangzhou who killed himself and injured eight people on Jan 18, was angry about a dispute over a bonus, not overdue wages, Yangcheng Evening News reported on Monday.

An investigation over the weekend found suicide-bomber Wang Tao, 34, was a web manager at a mining company before he was fired in March 2012 after the company caught him selling client information, the paper reported.

The report said Wang had a dispute with the company over a 1.8 million yuan ($289,000) bonus.

Wang claimed he was owed the bonus because he successfully introduced a business.

However, the company was quoted saying that Wang had little to do with the deal, and therefore refused to give him the money.

On Jan 18, Wang again approached the company, located on the 28th floor of a residential community in Guangzhou, asking for 1 million yuan.

Failing to get the bonus, Wang detonated a homemade explosive, killing himself and injuring eight others.

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