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Worker jumps off building after application for leave refused

By Zheng Caixiong  (

11:00, December 11, 2012

A shoe factory worker was still in hospital on Dec 10 after she jumped off a dormitory building in a suicide attempt two days ago in Guangzhou's Panyu district, Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

Li Shuhua, 44, from Ziyang in Sichuan province, jumped off the third floor on the morning of Dec 8, reportedly because her application for an eight-day leave was turned down by company managers.

Fortunately, she was slowed by tree branches before falling to the cement. She was immediately sent to a nearby hospital where she had surgery.

Doctors said Li suffered a punctured lung, several cracked ribs and other bone fractures.

"Li has to stay in hospital for several weeks for treatment," doctors said.

Li's daughter Zeng Han said her mother felt very demoralized after her leave was turned down by senior executives of Panyu Chuangxin Shoe Co last week.

"My mother expected to have eight days off to return home to worship her father-in-law who died three years ago," said Zeng, who works in the same factory.

As the oldest daughter-in-law, Li was very sorry when she could not return to see her father-in-law one last time and pay her last respects when he died in December 2009, Zeng said. Li's application for leave was also rejected by her company at that time.

When the third anniversary of the death approached, Li told Zeng she would return home to worship her father-in-law anyhow this year.

Li's husband had also phoned her several times to ask her to return home.

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