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Microblog draws tourists to China's "town of longevity"

By Tian Sulei and Xia Jun (Xinhua)

10:43, January 06, 2013

Beijing, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) -- When he was deputy chief of Bama Yao Autonomous County government, Huang Lei opened a microblog account Happy Bama at China's twitter-like service Tencent Weibo in Aug. 2011.

He is happy that the account, now with more than 70,000 followers, has drawn legions of tourists from faraway places, including foreign countries, to this "town of longevity" in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Bama, about three hours drive from the region's capital city Nanning, is widely regarded as a town of longevity. Local citizens live extraordinary long lives thanks to the unique climate, healthy diet and peaceful life.

Huang said the account did not have many followers in the beginning. But by interacting with local netizens and helping them solve "petty things", Happy Bama saw steady increase in the number of followers.

Encouraged by this, he opened a personal account after his own name.

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