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Beijing seniors give $240 yearly to children

(China Daily)

09:24, January 06, 2013

A survey found that senior people in Beijing give their children and grandchildren 1,500 yuan ($241) yearly on average in Beijing, the Beijing Times reported Saturday.

The 2012 Beijing Senior Industry Research Report shows that senior people in Beijing give their children and grandchildren 4,142.7 yuan each year and get 2,607.7 yuan from them. Therefore, they give away 1,500 yuan.

In urban districts of Beijing, senior people give children and grandchildren 4,625.4 yuan yearly, more than any other expenditure item such as medical care, clothing or transportation.

The survey also shows 47.6 percent of Beijing seniors have no children living at home. Among people over 80 years old, 18.4 percent live alone.

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