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Anti-drug Strategies of Guizhou Province

(People's Daily Online)

20:09, December 27, 2012

Regulation on Anti-Drug of Guizhou Province – Legal Guarantee for the Construction of “Sunshine Project”

On March 30, 2011, in order to meet the developing requirements of anti-drug work in Guizhou Province, the 21st session of the 11th People’s Congress Standing Committee of Guizhou Province approved the Regulation on Anti-Drug of Guizhou Province (the Regulations for short). This is a local administrative regulation stipulated in accordance with the Anti-Drug Law of the People’s Republic of China and related laws and regulations as well as the practical conditions in Guizhou, and amended on the basis of the 2002 version Regulation on Anti-Drug of Guizhou Province. The Regulations, consisting of 42 articles, specifies the anti-drug propaganda and education works, rehabilitation measures, drug controls, and legal liabilities and explicitly defines the management system and policies to drug control works. Notably, the Regulations details the community-based treatment and rehabilitation works, making it an important part of the Regulations, and stipulates that all People’s Governments at county level should deploy full-time commissioners for anti-drug works for each community in accordance with the actual requirements of community-based treatment and rehabilitation works, paying more attention to communities when distributing expenditures for drug control.

Based on the current situation of drug control in Guizhou and the problems arising in drug control works, the Regulations specifies the working policies, leadership systems, working mechanism and safeguard mechanism of drug control works in the whole province, standardizes the drug control works on an overall basis and explicitly prescribes the related legal liabilities. The issuance and implementation of the Regulations marks the standardization and legislation of drug control works in Guizhou.

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