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Anti-drug Strategies of Guizhou Province (4)

(People's Daily Online)

20:14, December 27, 2012

Major Working Measures of “Sunshine Project”

In order to implement scientific management, all mechanisms should be perfected. Aiming at advancing the construction of “Sunshine Project” in a deep-going way, Guizhou has established the following mechanisms and systems: regular management mechanism, skill training mechanism, supervision and assessment mechanism, incentive mechanism, seamless engagement mechanism, aid mechanism, communication mechanism, free methadone maintenance and treatment system, psychological consulting system, urinalysis system, heart-to-heart talk system, home visit system and conversation system (i.e. county magistrate, mayor or wardens make conversations with the rehabilitation personnel on their recovery).

In order to help the addicted with their physiological detoxification, the treatment should be prolonged. Therapeutic room for methadone maintenance should be built in all “Sunshine enterprises” and free treatment should be given to the rehabilitation personnel employed by “Sunshine enterprises”. By conducting prolonged methadone maintenance treatment, the aim is to eliminate the rehabilitation personnel’s physiological dependence on drugs in a stepwise way and help them get rid of their physiological drug addiction.

In order to promote psychological rehabilitation, sincere cares should be given. The working method of “Five-Hearts” should be executed, that is to “bridge the gap with love, promote communications with care, cultivate relationships with attention, provide services with earnest and strive for recovery with patience”. Efforts should be made to integrate all labor resources, including drug-control specialists, drug-control volunteers, psychologists and relatives of the rehabilitation personnel, to provide the rehabilitation working in “Sunshine enterprises” with special cares and urge them to be self-controlled and self-managed, thereby firming their confidence and determination to get rid of drug addiction.

In order to encourage the rehabilitation personnel to integrate into the society, humanitarian cares should be given. By organizing and conducting various positive recreational activities in enterprises, organizing the rehabilitation personnel’s relatives and community cadres to express sympathy and solicitude on a regular basis and encouraging the rehabilitation personnel to take part in these activities, to enable them to personally feel the cares from party committees and governments at all levels as well as concerns from relatives and friends. By doing this, the rehabilitation personnel can regain their personal dignity and equality, which will help them pick up their self-esteem, confidence and renascence.

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