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Anti-drug Strategies of Guizhou Province (3)

(People's Daily Online)

20:14, December 27, 2012

All works should adhere to the working principle of “people-oriented, scientific rehabilitation, comprehensive treatment and humanitarian assistance”, the working policies of “treating both manifestation and root causes and combining education, save, influence and rehabilitation”. Equal attention should be paid to services, management and care. Services should come first. Services and care should be put into management.

Objectives of “Sunshine Project”

“Sunshine Project” takes “job placement” as the core of drug rehabilitation works. Through it, all rehabilitation personnel can find a job securing them with a steady income and a settled habitation, thus bringing them a harmony, healthy and caring living environment. With these work, it tries to help the rehabilitation personnel get rid of physiological and psychological dependence on drugs and live and work independently, dignifiedly and confidently as normal person. The final objective is to help the rehabilitation personnel break away from drug physically, get physical and spiritual healing, become employed and integrate into the community.

Job Placement Model of “Sunshine Project”

The job placement model of “Sunshine Project” is a diversified and mutually supplementary placement system based on centralized job placement (in “Sunshine enterprises”), combining with scattered placement (in other enterprises) self-employment, individual job-hunting and public-service placement.

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