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Migratory birds packed in crates saved by railway police

(Global Times)

10:26, December 03, 2012

Local police in Changsha, Hunan Province, busted a bird smuggling case in which more than 1,100 wild birds, including some endangered species, were rescued, the Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday.

The Changsha railroad police said they received phone calls Thursday from local residents who claimed they saw wild birds on a cargo train traveling from Wuhan to Guangzhou.

Local railroad police and the forestry police immediately launched a joint investigation. They found dozens of boxes of wild birds in a train carriage labeled "live animals" at the Changsha Railway Station around 10 pm Thursday night.

Police reported the birds weighed more than 140 kilograms and their boxes were covered by plastic bags to keep the birds from being frightened. Most of the birds were migratory waterfowl that were captured as they were traveling south for the winter. The police said the rescued birds included greenwing macow, which is on the country's endangered animal list.

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