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Pedicab drivers use secret signals to outwit law enforcers

By Zhang Zihan (Global Times)

10:21, December 03, 2012

An unlicensed motorized pedicab passes by Bajiao Subway Station, in Shijingshan district Sunday. Photo: Li Hao/GT

Unlicensed pedicab drivers have caught local law enforcement officers flat-footed after they started using walkie-talkies to warn each other of any approaching dangers.

"Recently we discovered a strange phenomenon. The pedicabs are still on the streets, but we can't find them in their usual hangouts. When we try to get them, they disappear like they know we're coming," said Hu Xiangrong, director of the city administration and law enforcement's Dahongmen branch in Fengtai district.

When a chengguan (urban management officer) finally caught an unlicensed driver, they discovered he had a walkie-talkie.

"They use them to inform each other when they spot us, and tell other nearby drivers to escape," said Hu.

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