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Learning on the go

By Eric Jou (China Daily)

09:22, May 29, 2012

Young users are using their smartphones to surf and learn, as the devices become an educational tool.

Parents of a past generation used to yell "Get off the phone!" But these days, mum and dad are more likely to nod approvingly when their kids stay glued to a smartphone. Others may use their smartphones to study for a multiple-choice test for a driver's license. Eric Jou examines a new trend of learning.

Sitting at his kitchen table, Victor Wong is staring into an iPhone. On the other side of the living room, his two sons are playing the iPad.

While many parents would probably frown at Wong allowing his children to play games on the iPad, in reality what his children are doing are getting lessons, learning through playing on a mobile device.

Wong is the chief product officer and co-founder of mobile e-learning platform Smartots and he sees mobile devices as the perfect tools for learning.

In fact, he believes in it so much that he and his partner Jesper Lodahl are working hard to build up their company in Beijing.

"We started Smartots because we believed that mobile devices are the best tools for learning," says Lodahl, the CEO of the company.

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