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Take-up of HIV test too low, says govt

By  Yin Yeping (Global Times)

09:24, December 03, 2012

The health bureau said Sunday that it plans to put more effort into the supervision and administration of HIV/AIDS testing by tightening cooperation with groups that represent those especially at risk.

However, an NGO told the Global Times Sunday that in order to establish trust, the government would need to step up its support of these voluntary organizations.

On Thursday, the Disease Prevention and Control Center of the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau (BHB) issued a report of the city's HIV/AIDS prevention and control program, aiming to reinforce the testing system targeting high-risk groups such as homosexuals, prostitutes or drug takers.

The report said that the purpose to track the trends in HIV/AIDS is to collect the information needed to make health policy.

Speaking at the 6th Conference of International Cooperation Programmes on HIV/AIDS in China at the Beijing Friendship Hotel, Haidian district on Saturday, minister for health Chen Zhu said the total number of HIV/AIDS carriers in China remain undiagnosed, since many people are unwilling to take a test, the Beijing Morning Post reported Sunday.

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