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Police arrest man for killing 12-year-old

(Global Times)

10:41, November 29, 2012

Police have arrested a man who admitted kidnapping and killing a 12-year-old boy in Jiangqiao town Tuesday, Jiading district police said Wednesday.

The victim, Shen Haisheng, left his home alone around 6 pm Tuesday to go shopping and never returned, according to the Jiading District Public Security Bureau's microblog. Later that evening, the boy's family found a note that demanded 50,000 yuan ($8,026) in cash in exchange for the boy's return.

The family found the note under a plastic bottle on their air conditioner's exhaust fan, according to a news report aired on Shanghai Television Station. The note demanded that the family come up with the money within five hours.

The family did not report the kidnapping to police until they found Shen's body in the sewer about 30 meters away from their rented home in Huoxian village, said Xu Bo, a press officer with Jiading police.

"They found Shen's body around 7:40 pm and police arrived at the scene several minutes later," Xu told the Global Times. "Liang, the suspect, did not give the family the amount of time to respond that he promised in the note."

The boy's body was sent to Nanxiang Hospital. A hospital nurse told the Global Times that the boy was already dead when he arrived there around 8 pm. She said there were finger marks on the boy's neck, indicating that he might have been strangled before his body was stashed in the sewer.

Police arrested Liang around 10 pm Tuesday. He later admitted to kidnapping and killing the boy, who may have struggled during the kidnapping, Xu said. It was unclear why Liang targeted Shen. He did not know the boy's family and did not live nearby. Liang was employed and Shen's family was not wealthy.

Liang does have a criminal record, which police are now looking into as part of the ongoing investigation, Xu said.

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